The 103rd Workshop on General Algebra


Here are the abstracts of talks. 

Wajih AshrafClosedness of subvarieties of bands
Mike BehrischCounting and enumerating transformation monoids
Bertalan BodorNew pseudoloop lemmas 
Jānis CīrulisOn the order structure of U-semiabundant semigroups
Insa CremerA generalization of differences and connections to weak BCK-algebras
Pēteris DaugulisApplications of algebra — macro level prediction of antimicrobial resistance 
Victoria GouldRight coherency for monoids , slides
Ambroise GrauStructure of the monoid of endomorphisms of T_n
Gergő GyenizseDigraph descriptions of certain Mal’tsev conditions 
Tatiana JajcayovaUse of partial automorphisms in determining symmetry levels of combinatorial structures
Kalle KaarliFrom near-rings to polynomial completeness and residuated mappings
Piotr KawałekCircuit Complexity aspects of solving equations in finite algebraic structures
Michael KompatscherShort pp-definitions for algebras with few subpowers
Michiro KondoOn L-fuzzy approximation operators on residuated lattices
Ganna KudryavtsevaGlobalization of partial semigroup actions
Ádám KunosSłupecki digraphs
Valdis Laan, On the semigroup of 2×2 matrices over a linearly ordered abelian group
Erkko LehtonenNear-unanimity closed minions of Boolean functions
Hajime MachidaOn centralizing monoids with majority operation witnesses
Miklós MarótiTaylor is prime 
Peter MayrThe powers of simple algebras
John MeakinInverse semigroups and Leavitt path algebras
Sebastian MeyerInfinitary pp-definabillity over the real numbers with convex relations
Péter P. PálfyWiegandt’s theory of Möbius products is related to D-posets
Michael PinskerThe semigroup of increasing functions on the rationals and its unique Polish topology
Miroslav PloščicaCongruence lattices of Abelian lattice-ordered groups
Eugene PlotkinModel theory and isotypic groups
Reinhard PöschelS-preclones and the Galois connection SPol − SInv
Iryna RaievskaGroups of the nilpotency class 2 of order p^4 as additive groups of local nearrings
Maryna RaievskaGroups of the nilpotency class 2 of order p^4 as additive groups of local nearrings
Ülo ReimaaHiggins commutators in some varieties of semigroups and magmas
Bernardo Rossi, Polynomial completeness properties of Mal’cev algebras with (SC1)
Jakub RydvalHard meta problems at the core of the infinite-domain CSP dichotomy conjecture
Žaneta SemanišinováValued constraint satisfaction problem and resilience in database theory
Nasir SohailLax epimorphisms of ordered algebras
Itamar SteinAlgebras of reduced E-Fountain semigroups – generalizing the right ample identity
Boža TasićFraser-Horn-Hu property for ordered algebras
Andreja TepavčevićRepresentation of lattices by weak congruence lattices,  in general,  and a case of groups
Daniel TuraevDecidability problems in the plactic monoid
Kristóf VargaOne-dimensional strong affine representations of the polycyclic monoids
Stefan VeldsmanRight representations of (right distributive) near-ring radicals
Tamás WaldhauserAssociative spectra of binary operations
Anatolii ZhuchokThe least left n-trinilpotent dimonoid congruenceon the free trioid
Yurii ZhuchokOn perfectness of dimonoid variety
Dmitriy ZhukOn symmetric term operations in finite Taylor algebras
Pasha ZusmanovichA variant of Baer’s theorem